The Takeda Oncology mission.

Deliver extraordinary medicines to patients with cancer worldwide through our science, innovation and passion.

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At Takeda Oncology, we want to exceed expectations in terms of progress against cancer, distinguishing ourselves within the research-based biotechnology community. We're prepared to deliver on this goal by exclusively focusing on oncology, targeting best-in-class drug candidates, and cultivating the brightest talent. This puts us on an exciting path toward global oncology leadership.

Battling cancer gives us pause when we consider the sheer enormity of it. But if there is a company up to the task, it's ours. Our people, our culture, and our values are enormous competitive assets that can drive that type of progress.

It's a privilege to lead a team of the caliber and purpose of Takeda Oncology's. We recognize the urgent need of cancer patients and their bravery as they help us extend the frontier of cancer treatment. We dedicate ourselves to their fight.

Christophe Bianchi, M.D.
President, Global Oncology Business Unit

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